Its has been a while since I gave an update, and that is because this was a hard one to write, for numerous reasons.   Flying home for the holidays and giving the political situation in Peru time to cool off for a few weeks seemed like a good idea.  In retrospect, it ended up not working […]


After leaving Flores I headed South in Guatemala towards the mountain town of Esquipulas.  Leaving Flores and all the way to Rio Dulce, the roads were open and the cloudy day spat ran at me off and on, making for blissfully cool temperatures.  I enjoyed the ride and the scenery.  Tendrils of clouds enshrouded the low hills and […]

Shreveport to Austin and a Day Off

I woke up early and headed to the auto parts store to fix the cracked oil filter on Bella.  After more parking lot maintenance shenanigans, I had the hole patched and I was ready to go.  Mileage had to be made in order to make it to Austin, where my wife, Karie, was flying in to meet […]

300 More Boring Freeway Miles to Shreveport, LA

I woke up to wind and mist, but thankfully no real rain today.  For some reason I was pretty short of breath this morning, getting out of breath doing the simplest things like getting dressed or walking down the hallway.   That’s the thing with Pulmonary Fibrosis, there are good days and bad days, days you breathe fine, […]

Canton, Georgia to Meridian, Mississippi

Another day of mostly Highway riding.  I’ve ridden a lot of the US already, and that is not the main event on this trip, so I am just making up lost time getting to the border fairly quickly.  In the US, that means taking the high-speed interstates.   I only had about 300 miles to do today.  In the […]


Hi and Welcome to The Last Big Ride. This is my first blog post and I will do my best to keep the blog up to date, although slow/no connection and procrastination will take its toll I am sure! I left home in Hot Springs Virginia on a beautiful Autumn morning. 100’s of people were […]