What the heck is Mountain Corps?

Some of you may have noticed that my Pulmonary Fibrosis Info/Charity/Blog is all on a website called Mountain Corps, and you may wonder what it is….

Back before I got sick, Karie and I were working on starting an outdoor gear company, and Mountain Corps was the name we came up with. Our motto was “Live Tough” and we even had everything trademarked, and had this website designed. After I got sick, that all got put on hold indefinitely.

We kept the website published in case we ever wanted to revisit the idea. When I decided to do The Last Big Ride, I needed a website, but I didn’t want to spend the money creating one. Since I already had Mountain Corps up, I contacted the good folks at Metro Nova Creative, in Fredericksburg, VA, about adding a page for the ride. They kindly agreed to donate their time to add the page, and, as you can see, they did a great job.

I don’t know if Mountain Corps will ever go anywhere in the future, or if we even want it to any more. I am just not sure I want to spend my days working on creating a small business when there is so much else I want to do in life. At any rate, we are still trying to live by the motto Live Tough, now, more than ever.